Clare Prendergast

Highly experienced Psychotherapist offering a range of services for couples, individuals and groups.

Relationship Therapy and Counselling in Manchester

Everybody wants to be happy and to enjoy a good quality of life.

However, it can seem at times that “life is just one damn thing after another” or that “nobody knows what I’m going through” or that “everything is too much for me”.  Or something particular may have happened that is just too big or too much to handle on top of everything else.  This could be any of a myriad of things, unique just to you or it could be to do with your relationship.

To realise that we need to do something to get back on track or that we need some help, is an achievement in itself. It may have been a big deal to have got as far as reading this page. I salute anyone who makes the courageous decision to seek help and support. Well done!

Whether you come alone, or with your partner, or I meet you in one of my groups, my want for you is that you discover authentic connection with yourself and those around you, ultimately leading to more ease and skill with whatever challenge you are facing.

As a car needs its annual MOT, you may choose to work with me from time to time to keep your self in good mental shape. You may want support to cope in the present or to develop a plan for the future, or you may want to know why you feel as you do and to understand the past which has led to those feelings.

I offer a range of therapeutic interventions from which I can select according to your wants and needs.